• Day 118: Thank You, Wisconsin Glacier

    Day 118: Thank You, Wisconsin Glacier

    This has been an incredible day of hiking. We visited the largest natural bridge in Ohio, a tunnel-like cave situated midway up a 150-foot cliff, once used as shelter by Native Americans, and then later, by criminals as a hideout, and a spectacular box canyon.

  • Day 117: Fen-Tastic

    Day 117: Fen-Tastic

    Cedar Bog Nature Preserve, actually a fen, and not a bog, is a National Natural Landmark, and is ranked highest on the Ohio Floristic Diversity Index for its great diversity of plants with more 40 rare and endangered plant and animal species.

  • Day 108: Hunting For Fossils

    Day 108: Hunting For Fossils

    Today we explored preserved marshland in Ohio, home to several endangered and threatened species including plants that settled there just after the Ice Age and hunt for 375 million year old fossils at one of only two prime Devonian Era sites on the entire planet.

  • Day 107: Hocking Hills Is Worth The Hype!

    Day 107: Hocking Hills Is Worth The Hype!

    Hocking Hills State Park in Southeastern Ohio is a nationally and internationally acclaimed State Park. It’s 25 miles of hiking feature towering cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, and deep, hemlock-shaded gorges.

  • Day 106: Miles ‘n’ Mountains

    Day 106: Miles ‘n’ Mountains

    We usually like to keep our drives short and on the back roads with lots of time to stop and explore if we come across somewhere interesting. But today we’re going to make miles and take the interstate most of the way north. Lucky for us, it the road passes through the green mountains of…

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    Discover the natural wonders of Ohio’s diverse state parks. From the picturesque beaches of Buckeye Lake State Park to the tranquil woodlands of Mohican State Park

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