Food Tour: New Orleans

  1. Beignet [Cafe Beignet] – Square shaped pieces of dough that are deep fried and generously sprinkled with confectioners sugar. enjoyed but find pizza fritta better
  2. Po-boy [Oceana Grill] – Piled with lettuce, tomato and pickles and filled with roast beef, fried shrimp, oysters–or whatever you choose–po-boys are stuffed and slathered with sauce or mayonnaise, and then served between two long pieces of French bread. Tasty sandwhich
  3. Charbroiled Oysters [Mr Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House] – Oysters cooked in their shells over a grill’s fire, topped with some mixture of butter or margarine and garlic, seasoning and cheese. Really enjoyed oysters this way – costs too much to eat often
  4. Pralines [Loretta’s Authentic Pralines] – Commonly made with sugar, corn syrup, milk, butter, and pecan halves. So sweet
  5. King Cake [Cherry Coffee Roasters] – A blend of coffee cake and cinnamon roll, king cake is usually iced in yellow, green and purple – the colors of Mardi Gras — and is frequently packed with fruit fillings and decadent cream cheeses. Yum. We really liked the praline king cake
  6. Vegetarian Bánh mi [Dong Phuong Bakery] – A short baguette with thin, crisp crust and soft, airy texture. It is often split lengthwise and filled with savory ingredients like a submarine sandwich. The flavor is unique and really good. Felt fresh.
  7. Chicory Coffee [The Chicory House] – Chicory, the ground root of the Belgian endive, was frequently served as a coffee substitute and was blended into the coffee before brewing. Can see why others like it. Dark coffee without the acidity.
  8. Pate Chaud (pork & BBQ Pork) [Dong Phuong Bakery] – Pâté chaud, or bánh patê sô, is a flaky, buttery, and piping hot savory meat pie. Try one of the Crawfish pies too! Couldn’t get enough of these.
  9. Gumbo [Mr Ed’s Oyster Bar & Fish House]- A dark soup or stew flavored with the “holy trinity” of aromatics—a mix of onions, green bell peppers, and celery—and, sometimes, sweet tomatoes. Served usually with some kind of fresh seafood, chicken or red meat and rice.

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