Exactly what is Connecticut Style Pizza?

On our last trip up the East coast we stopped in Connecticut to visit family. Like many families, one of our favorite things to do when we’re together is share some of our favorite foods. And one of our very favorite foods is Connecticut Style Pizza.

Some history

In the early 1900s, New Haven, CT became a popular town for Italian families who settled in the United States. They brought with them their home style of pizza which developed over time into what’s now known as New Haven or Connecticut style pizza. In the area it’s called “apizza” pronounced “ah-beets”. The “a” is a comes from the Italian dialect spoken in the Naples region. Several restaurants still use the term proudly.

What sets it apart?

Connecticut or New Haven-style pizza has a thin, crispy, slightly charred crust and is made in a very hot brick oven. The dough is fermented for longer than other pizzas, is proofed overnight in a refrigerator, and then allowed to come to room temperature before shaping and baking. This gives the pizza a chewy crust more nuanced flavor. Traditionally it was made with just fresh and tangy hand crushed tomatoes cooked simply by the heat of the oven, no cheese or toppings. The modern version can still be ordered that way.

Another unique pizza found only in this region is White Clam Pizza (Fresh Clam, Garlic, Oregano). We didn’t get one this time but Chris has not stopped talking about it since our visit – something to look forward to on our next visit. https://pepespizzeria.com

⁠Chris grew up with 2 of the best known and loved places in the area to get pizza; The Original Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, known only as Pepe’s https://order.pepespizzeria.com/ and

Sally’s Apizza, known as Sally’s https://sallysapizza.olo.com/. Both are considered Connecticut institutions and have lines around the block daily.

We ordered our pizza from local restaurant Anna’s Prospect Apizza and Pizza Fritte (fried dough) served with marinara dipping sauce or powdered sugar (my favorite) to sprinkle on top. It was delicious! https://annasprospectpizzact.com/

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