Day 99: Visiting Pennsylvania’s Natural Wonders


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Rimrock Overlook, Bradford, PA. This place is awesome! Amazing views of the Allegheny river valley from the overlook and they’ve built stone steps through the rocks to the base of the cliffs where you’ll find huge boulders and crevasses to climb into. The stonework makes it feel like you’re climbing around an old stone castle. While we were there it started hailing tiny ice balls.


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Along the drive there are small oil rigs in the fields and forests. In some spots there are whole big fields of them and the air smells of oil.

Elk Country Visitors Center, Benedetto, PA

A herd of 1400 in a entire area. The lady at the visitors center said the elk are more likely to be around in August and September. We saw some recent prints in the soft ground but zero elk.


Bilgler’s Rocks, Grampian, PA. A private recreation park featuring a 300 million year old rock formation covering 20 acres. The formations reach up to 50’ with
various openings, crawlspaces, passageways, and arches found throughout the outcrop. This was such a fun place to climb around and explore.


Tacos Inc. Mexican Bar and Grill, Punxsutawney, PA for vegetarian fajita nachos for dinner.

We stopped in at Walmart for supplies. There were Mennonite’s standing and front and shopping. For some reason (maybe their unusual to me outfits?) I kept thinking they were life-sized statues, maybe for some promotion, until they moved. I’m sure they thought we looked odd, too. Pretty cool to see.

Cobblestone Hotel and Suites, Punxsutawney, PA

Price: $130/night

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