Day 97: 17 Named Waterfalls, 1 Hike


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Archibald Pothole State Park, Archibald, PA. In I884 miners working a seam of coal 45 feet underground fired a blast and unknowingly uncorked the 800 to 1,000 tons of smooth, round and oval stones that filled this glacial pothole, created 20,000 years ago, by a powerful, whirling mixture of icy glacial water, sand and stones that wore away the solid rock. Comparisons confirm that this is a world-class glacial pothole. From bottom to top it measures 38 feet. At one place it is 42 by 24 feet in



Ricketts Glen State Park, Benton, PA. The Falls Trail (Normally a 4.1 miles loop, 866’ elevation. A rock slide has blocked the trail after the 17th waterfall so it’s currently an out and back and somewhere around 5 miles). This trail is very popular and for good reason: it has 17 named waterfalls ranging from 12-94’ and countless smaller ones along the way. The Glens Natural Area, which this trail passes through, was designated a Natural Landmark 1968. I’d say this trail is like a rustic Watkins Glen, equally beautiful, a little more challenging. 4 waterfall It was beautiful out while we were on trail. A heavy, cold rain started just as we got back to the car. How about that for great timing?


difficulty: 7.2

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