Day 95: Hand Pies, Sticky Buns and Wildflowers


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We drove through Stepping Stone Historic Farm and Museum, part of Susquehanna State Park, Havre De Grace, MD. Entry is free for non-event days but the buildings don’t open until 11am so we’re going to come back and visit another day.

We chose to go for a walk along the on an old, degrading railroad. I had fun practicing my balance along the raised rails where the dirt had drained away. The rails wiggled the farther out from solid land I went.


difficulty: 2.5

Meck’s Farm Market, Strasberg, PA for a peanut butter cookie whoopie pie. Best whoopie pie I’ve eaten.


Intercourse, PA. It’s our pleasure to meet you. Yes, that’s really their name and slogan. There are a few shops with Amish goods but it’s mostly just a tourist trap with tour bus parking. We drove through Bird In Hand and Lancaster, an old, busy city. My favorite part of visiting this area has by far been driving around the gorgeous farmland and seeing the Amish working the fields with their impressive teams of mules and horses.


Countryside Roadstand, Ronks, PA for homemade pretzels and a homemade root beer for lunch and a walnut sticky pie and a peach and cream hand pie for later (we should have gotten way more hand pies).


Whole Foods, Lancaster, PA for salads for dinner.

Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve, Conestoga, PA. (2 mile total out and back, 82’ elevation). This 90 acre preserve is renowned as one of the most impressive wildflower sanctuaries in the eastern United States. Tucked into the river hills of southern Lancaster County, over 70 species of wildflowers and 50 species of birds make their home in this sheltered ravine cut by Grubb Run. The wildflower season can stretch from March through June, but the peak season tends to fall in April and May. We feel lucky to have visited during high season.


difficulty: 1

Checked into Comfort Inn, Camp Hill, PA.

Price: $120/night.

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