Day 94: A Waterfall and a Show


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Rocks State Park, Kilgore Falls, Pylesville, MD. (0.7 mile out and back, 85’ elevation). This short trail takes you through a pretty valley to a box canyon with a beautiful waterfall. While we were there a couple came and began talking pictures to promote, I’m assuming, her Only Fans page. That’s our first full butt-crack (and more) sighting in the wild.

Rocks State Park, Pylesville, MD. We took the White Trail (2.5 mile loop, 574’ elevation), a really fun trail, to the King and Queen Seat, a huge rock outcropping with a great view of the valley below.


difficulty: 6

We drove through the Maryland farmland to Susquehanna State Park, Havre De Grace, MD for a picnic dinner. All the trees are in full bloom, wildflowers are out, the grass is green and the setting light makes everything extra beautiful. This park is beautiful with a walk along the wide river on old train tracks and a historic gristmill built in 1865 that’s still in operation today.


Time to check into La Quinta, Aberdeen, MD.

Price: $105/night

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