Day 93: A Meteorite, a Fire or a Fiery Nest?


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We started the day right with a walk on the beach in front of our hotel. The water was so cold that it made your feet ache after a few seconds.


The Wright Brothers Memorial Park Kill Devil Hills, NC was only a mile or so from our hotel. If you park in the back lot by the airstrip you walk up to memorial and plane statue for free. If you go in the front entrance with the visitors center it costs $10/person to get in.


Great Dismal Swamp, National Wildlife Refuge, Suffolk, VA. The current size of the swamp is estimated to be 750 square miles. The Underground Railroad Pavilion was a very short walk to an area with information about how slaves in the surrounding area sometimes escaped to live in the swamp where they were difficult to find. There they subsisted on food they could catch in the swamp. We walked 2 other short boardwalks and then drove to Lake Drummond.

Lake Drummond, 3,100 acres, is one of only 2 natural freshwater lakes in Virginia and is by far the largest of the 2. It lies near the center of Great Dismal Swamp where it receives and provides water for the surrounding forest. The peat-stained water appear dirty, but it’s very clean and pure. Historically, trans-oceanic vessels barreled the water to use on long journeys.

There are three theories about the lake’s mysterious formation -none have been verified:

1. A meteorite impact created the depression of the lake.

2. A wildfire burned the
peat soil down to sand.

3. Native American legend tells of a great “firebird” who built a fiery nest in the swamp’s center.


Driving to get dinner from Harris Teeter we came across the Colonial Parkway, a scenic road with a sort of old fashioned feel. We stopped at College Creek Beach along the James River to go for a walk and enjoy the views.


Checked into Comfort Inn, Williamsburg, VA.

Price: $99/night

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