Day 90: Rock Hopping on the Chattooga


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Chattooga River, Mountain Rest, SC has a long walk to the left and under the bridge and a short walk to the right to end at what they’ve named “the Sluice”, an area where the water is channeled together. This seems like it would be a great river for kayaking. From the trail end there are big rocks you can climb on to get closer to the water.


difficulty: 1.5

Reedy Branch Falls, Mountain Rest, SC is just down the road. We’ve passed it many times without realizing it was even there. There’s no marker at the trailhead but you can find it easily with Google maps. There’s plenty of room to park. It’s about a 5 minute walk down to the 65’, very beautiful falls.


difficulty: 2

We picked up Chinese food from Peking Wok, Columbia, SC. Tasty with good quality veggies.


And once again, it’s time to go home to get some work done and plan our next road trip adventure.

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