Day 84: Biking in Dogwood Canyon


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Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, Lampe, MO is just over the border from Arkansas. The Park is 10,000 acres of privately owned natural beauty with manicured pathways. The main buildings are gorgeous with every detail carefully chosen to be unique and complement the natural beauty that surrounds. It’s inspiring to see successful eco-tourism in the US. They offer hiking, biking, tram tours, horseback riding and guided trout fishing. The bluffs, waterfalls, bright aqua colored stream and box canyon are beautiful. This is beautiful outdoors for people not necessarily comfortable in the outdoors. We rented bikes and had an absolute blast. Tickets were $20/person, bike rentals $16/day each.


Pro tip: Don’t rely on Google Maps when you’re in the sticks. We ended up far off course with no cell signal to reroute. Luckily Chris had downloaded a map earlier so we were able to find our way. It ended up being a fun drive through the Ozark mountains. Many of the roads here are ridgetop and the views are outstanding.

We finally made it to our hotel in Clinton, AR, Super 8 and settled in for a quiet night.

Price: $110/night

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