Day 82: Into the Devil’s Den


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Devil’s Den State Park, Winslow, AR has several trails good trails. An Arkansas icon, this special place nestled in Lee Creek Valley was selected as a state park site in the 1930s. We’re not familiar with this area at all so we were surprised to find the parking lots were almost full. Luckily the trails weren’t too crowded and we were able to enjoy our day exploring the park.

Moonshiners Cave Trail, Devil’s Den State Park, AR (0.8 mile total out and back, 206’ elevation). We met our new friend April from Kansas here. A very cool hike down to an old moonshiner’s cave with a stone wall and a waterfall.

Devil’s Den Trail (1.6 mile loop, 206’ elevation). This trail was built by the CCC in the 1930s and is a designated part of the National Trails System. Features include: Devil’s Den Cave, Devil’s Ice Box, Twin Falls, Cold Springs, and more. This is a popular trail and can be crowded on weekends. The caves are closed to protect bats and their habitat.

Yellow Rock Trail (3.1 mile loop, 551’ elevation). Terrible markers (we went off trail 2x) but it goes through a very cool rock formation/cliff, there’s fabulous overlook and it’s just a fun fun trail with lots of stream crossings.


difficulty: 4

We checked into Candlewood Suites, Fayetteville, AR.

Price: $120/weekend night

For dinner we chose Torchy’s Tacos, Fayetteville, AR and brought it to Lake Sequoia for a picnic. Tacos with a unique flair. We’ve never had anything like them, definitely recommend. We haven’t done that much in Fayetteville but so far I’m loving it here. They have every amenity you could want in a city but it still feels clean and not crowded.


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