Day 72: A Gateway to Somewhere Beautiful


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We stopped at Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, Lake Lure, NC. It’s a lovely spot with flowers blooming already. They say they have over 2000 kinds of flowers planted. It must be really special in the spring and summer.


Just up the road from there is Chimney Rock State Park, NC. We wondered why the parking lot was full and why there were quite a few rescue vehicles in the parking lot. On closer inspection we realized there was a climbing/bouldering competition going on. We took the Rumbling Bald Loop Trail (1.6 mile loop, 342’ elevation) which took us right past the boulder fields and people climbing. It looks like fun but also so hard! I can’t wait to come back and scramble up some rocks.


difficulty: 3.8

After a great couple of weeks exploring new places it’s once again time to head home and get some work done. No worries, our next adventure is just around the corner.

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