Day 71: Best Donuts Ever Made


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It’s a cold, drizzly day with heavy rain forecast for later in the day. We’ve decided to scrap our plans to hike a steep trail up the mountain and take advantage of our proximity to Asheville, NC. First up: Hole Donuts where we bought Toasted Almond Sesame Cinnamon and a slightly savory Cardamom Coffee (my current favorite). These are donuts are unlike any we’ve had anywhere else and a must stop if you’re in the area. All of their doughnuts are made to order from a single yeasted dough recipe containing organic stone ground flour from Lindley Mills, unrefined organic cane sugar, sea salt, cage free eggs and whole butter, and are fried in non-GMO rice bran oil and then coated in your topping of choice.


The Kolo Bike Park was just a mile away so we went to check it out. It turns out we did a pretty good aerial course here years ago, just before the bike park was built. They have some interesting looking skills building areas and trails for different skill levels. Something to come back to on a more appealing day.


We went to the Western North Carolina Nature Center ($14/person). Several of the animals were off exhibit for Vet care. We did get to see the otters and wolves. I’d say save your money unless you have small children you’re hoping to tire out.


As soon as we got back to the car the skies opened up. We went back to the hotel for lunch and a nap.

The cold rain is relentless. We’ve decided to stay in the rest of the day, catch up on work and start fresh tomorrow.

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