Day 66: An Island in the Sky


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We decided to go to Babcock State Park, Clifftop, WV. Most of the facilities were closed for the season but we enjoyed seeing Glade Creek Grist Mill and the river after the rain. We hiked the Island in the Sky Trail (0.5 loop, 154’ elevation). This was a really fun hike around the side and up to the top of a sandstone rock formation. After that we walked down to see the Swinging Bridge between Cabins 7 & 8. The cabins are very private, and right on the river. The bridge itself is very bouncy. Our last trail was to the Natural Bridge. A very short walk to a small natural bridge that you can walk through and on top.


difficulty: 3

We drove by the Mystery Hole, Ansted, WV. It was closed and it’s just a tourist trap with a room built on a slant but the external decor was interesting.

We stopped at El Rio for a late lunch after finding out our first choice, Pies and Pints was closed for renovations. I guess I’ll have to wait to try their grape and Gorgonzola pizza another day.


We drove to Fayetteville Station which is a spot on the New River, under the Bridge. The water is extremely high, it’s kind of amazing to see the power of the water so close.


We drove a little way farther to Wolf Creek Falls. This is such an unusual falls to visit as the walkway cuts through the waterfall with one above and one below. All the way up the path are other trickles of water flowing down the sidewalk of the Gorge. We stopped when we got to a mudslide that blocked the path and turned around to head back to safer ground.


difficulty: 3

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