Day 61: Petroglyphs in South Carolina


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We saw a sign for Hagood Mill, Hagood Creek Petroglyphs, Pickens, SC and stopped to check it out. It turned out to be a great find. Hagood Mill was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. Featuring an 1845 gristmill, restored log cabins, blacksmith shop, cotton gin, moonshine still, nature trails, and a gift shop featuring local crafters, a 3/4 mile walking trail.

Hagood Creek Petroglyph Site is home to pre-historic Native American rock carvings, called petroglyphs. They were discovered during reconstruction efforts under a 19th century road and preserved in place.

The petroglyphs feature human figures and other carvings, and are considered to be among the most significant of their kind in S.C.


We climbed the highest point in SC (3,553’) Sassafras Mountain, Sunset, SC. Well…we drove most of it and only walked the last 0.2 miles. There are several longer trails that pass over the summit, including the Foothills Trail and Palmetto Trail. The border of North and South Carolina runs right through the observation tower, which on a clear day, offers panoramic views.


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We stopped to get coffee at the only gas station I’ve ever seen an actual bar in. Looks like a regular gas station but there’s a bar inside in the middle of it. I forgot to get the name but it was just west of Brevard, NC maybe in Rosman, NC?

We checked into Hampton Inn, Brevard, NC

Price: $$206/2 nights

We picked up dinner from Mayberry’s Soups and Sandwiches, Brevard, NC. They offer a unique menu of homemade, health conscious food.


We ate our picnic dinner by the river in Sycamore Flats Recreation Area, Pisgah National Forest, NC and then went for a walk around the nearby Davidson River Exercise Trail (1.5 mile loop) before heading in for the night.


difficulty: 1

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