Day 60: We Discovered a Beautiful Garden


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We visited the South Carolina Botanical Gardens, Clemson, SC (free). It’s winter but there’s still plenty to see. We started in the Dessert Garden and the Jurassic Garden near the Visitor’s Center. There are informative educational plaques (I had no idea the Ginko Biloba tree is 270 million years old!). Then we visited the Hanover House. It was originally built 1740, was reconstructed on campus in 1941 and then relocated to this site in 1994.

Its now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We also visited the Pollinators Garden which had a very active bird feeder area and even some chipmunks. We ended the Hunt Cabin, from another historic farmstead and the Duck pond that had one very unique looking duck and a domestic friend. We’re definitely going to come back in the spring when the flowers are out.


And now, once again it’s time to return home to catch up on work and get ready for our next trip.

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