Day 56: We Found a Hidden Cave


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We’re taking the back roads through the Alabama countryside

In one area we passed tornado damage, maybe a couple 100 square feet where the trees were had been torn out by their roots and the metal from the single-wides had been shredded. Everything else around had been left untouched.

We found Waldo!

Waldo, AL that is. Just a small town with a fun name.

Bains Gap Waterfall, next to Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Preserve, Anniston, AL

This 50’ tall waterfall is just off the road and there’s a spot to park just down the road from it. It was flowing nicely after last night’s rain.


Right by waterfall is the Moorman Lookout at Fort McClellan

It’s a mile of sketchy, steep gravel road up and not really worth the trip.


Next stop; Cherokee Rocks Village, Leesburg, AL

($7/car). This park wins for the worst trail map and trail markers ever. Even after we’d been out on the trails we couldn’t figure out their map. BUT we had THE BEST time here. There are impressive 180 degree views from the overlook and this place is a climber’s paradise! We don’t have skills like that but we had a blast scrambling around the on the boulders and we even found and explored a “hidden” cave system that climbers scale.


difficulty: 2

Time to check in for the night at Country Inn and Suites by Radisson, Rome, GA


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