Day 55: The Town of Spectre


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I finally get the hype about the Emerald Coast

We went down to the beach to walk, the sun was shining and the beach shin in all its glory. Sparkling white sand and clear, emerald water. Absolutely spectacular. We are so lucky to have been here on this perfect day.


Air Force Armament Museum, Destin, FL

(free admission). It’s the best showcase of this type of exhibit we’ve ever seen and the roar of the jets flying out of the nearby Air Force Base only makes it better. This place gets absolutely packed during the season so come early and off season if possible.


On the drive away we got to see the jets fly in formation

Watching them and hearing the noise they make might be one of the coolest parts of visiting this area.


We decided to see the World’s Biggest Shirt

It’s outside the Chamber of Commerce, Andalusia, AL. and beside it is a long mural telling the story of cotton becoming clothing. Apparently they change the tie seasonally.


Town of Spectre, Jackson Lake Island, Montgomery, AL

($5/person). The town of Spectre was built for the Tim Burton-directed movie The Big Fish on a beautiful, peaceful private island. You can walk the town, play with the herd of goats that lives there and even camp on the island overnight


Checked into Sleep Inn, Millbrook, AL

($203/night. When Chris checked in the old lady at the front desk wrote “69” on the key envelope (not our room number). When he asked why she just giggled. I’m pretty sure he was being propositioned.

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