Day 54: Country Girl Skinny Dipping


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We went to see Bamahenge, Elberta, AL

Bamahenge is a full-scale fiberglass partial replica of England’s prehistoric Stonehenge monument, located on the grounds of Barber Marina. I really enjoyed it, it’s so much bigger than I expected. This is part of a one of a kind collection of statues commissioned by billionaire George Barber and placed in his marina.

Just a little ways down the road are 4 large dinosaur sculptures, a brontosaurus, a tyrannosaurus, a triceratops and a stegosaurus. Near the marina are the Knights of the Woods and in the actual marina is the 50’ Lady in the Bay. She was badly smashed by Hurricane Sally in September 2020, but they were able to salvage the pieces and put her back together. Her maker originally called her Country Girl Skinny Dipping but everyone else called her Lady of the Bay and the name stuck.


We had to stop at FloriaBama, Orange Beach, AL next

We’re not bar people but when a place is that iconic, you just have to visit. We went for lunch and had Shrimp tacos and fries. The shrimp had some kind of bleach-like taste, I don’t think I’d eat there again. After lunch we took a long walk along the beautiful white sand, virtually empty beach of Emerald Coast.


Our next roadside attraction was Graffiti Bridge, Pensacola, FL

The 17th Ave railroad trestle bridge was built in 1888. The art here is constantly changing and is spreading out along the train tracks and onto other structures nearby. One one side of the bridge has a chain link fence with lockets, also spray painted.


We got dinner from Burritos del Sol

and took it back to our hotel. Fresh and tasty.

One of the coolest things about visiting this area

is the chance to see military jets out flying. The volume of sound from them is astounding.


We checked into Summer Place Inn, Destin, FL

($77/night). Score! This place seems really nice and the bed is comfy.

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