Day 47: A Day of Wonders


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We drove through the town square of Forsyth, GA

It looks like a great town to visit, with lots of stylish eateries and shops. We’ll have to come back and spend some time here.

Auchumpkee Creek Covered Bridge, Thomaston, GA

Originally built in 1892, it’s been rebuilt 3x it’s now accessible by foot only. A nice spot for a picnic.

We drove through Howard, GA

and stopped to take pictures of the old Crackerland Country Store, circa 1868.

We stopped to stretch our legs at Flat Rock Park, Columbus, GA

A city park with a large, flat exposed rock and creek with a waterfall. There’s also a big disc golf course, a playground and a pond.

Museum of Wonder Drive Thru, Seale, AL

Started in the 1970’s as Butch Anthony’s taxidermy shop and artifact room, the Museum of Wonder is now filled with art, artifacts and antiques and some very strange items!


Providence Canyon State Park, Lumpkin, GA

($5/car). This is the most unusual State Park we’ve visited. Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon” made up of a cluster of massive gullies, some as deep as 150’, caused by poor farming practices during the 1800s. The canyon soil’s pink, white, orange, red and purple hues are quite beautiful and unusual in this part of the country. A rare Azalea (Plumleaf) grows only in this region and blooms during July and August when most azaleas have lost their color. We walked through canyons 6-9 and along the White Trail (3 mile loop, 252’ elevation). This seems like it’s a great place to visit off-season. I don’t think anything changes visually and it’s going to be less crowded and cooler.


difficulty: 3

We checked in to Hampton Inn, Eufaula, AL

($159/night – a little pricey but it has great reviews and we’ll get double points), dropped our bags off and went to Rodeo’s Mexican Restaurant for takeout. We took our dinner to Lakepoint State Park, ate at a picnic table (it was so good!) and then went to watch a spectacular sunset over the lake.


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