Day 42: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates


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The Avenue of the Oaks

was right next to our hotel so we drove through it on the way to Newcastle St, in Historic Brunswick, GA. It was pretty to see if you’re close by but not worth driving out of your way to see. We decided to take a walk along Newcastle St in Brunswick. There was a very nice square at one end, a couple of pretty courtyards and holiday lights all along the way. Our favorite by far was a giant blow up leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

We drove to Savannah GA where ate lunch on a bench in Chippewa Square

This is supposed to be where the movie Forest Gump was filmed. After lunch we decided to take a walk around to see some of the other squares. The huge live oaks draped in Spanish moss surrounded by historic architecture do have a certain charm but we were still very aware that we were in a very busy city.

We stopped in at Leopold’s Ice Cream Shop for a scoop of their decadent ice cream and walked on to the Waterfront area. I got cookie ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie in it. It was delicious.


Savannah’s Waterfront

There are over 70 shops and restaurants in the historic buildings along the cobblestone streets and old steam boats that you can take a cruise on.

We checked into DeSoto Beach Hotel

($230/2nights) for a short pre dinner nap.

We drove to the other end of Tybee Island and ordered salads from Pier 16

to bring down to the pier for dinner. Unlike Jekyll Island many of the restaurants here are closed for the season. There is a small grocery store on the island but if you want a big one like Kroger or Fresh Market you’ll have to drive over an hour to Hilton Head, SC. I did really enjoy my salad.

We drove a few minutes to Inlet Avenue Beach Access

on Tybee Creek to catch the sunset. It was very pretty and peaceful but not as spectacular as we had wished for. Maybe tomorrow.

We drove back to our hotel on the other side of the island and went down to walk the beach in the dark.

After we sat by the heated pool for a bit. They installed flashing disco lights under the water. I’m hoping to go for a swim tomorrow…

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