Day 40: The Garden of the Gods


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We passed Oconee State Park, SC and drove in to get a quick look

at the park and pick up a map of the trails. Sometimes it’s just easier to plan ahead with a hard copy. As a bonus we found out that they have a Christmas light display from Thanksgiving to the 1st week in January.

Walhalla, SC

The name Walhalla, came from the Norse mythology which means “The Garden of the Gods”. It was given to the area by German immigrants because they thought the land was that beautiful. We were passing through and stopped to walk around town. It seems like an up and coming area with some nice outdoorsy stores, quite a few tasty looking food places and a number of holiday festivities coming up this month. The town of Walhalla is offering incentives to businesses to help them grow as part of their rejuvenation program. Located in the Northwest corner of the state, Walhalla, SC is one of the last towns in South Carolina before you reach the mountains. In fact, their town slogan is “Main Street to the Mountains” which tells a lot about what they’re hoping to accomplish here.

And now it’s time to head home for work and to plan our next adventure

Coming soon…

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