Day 35: Well That Was a Bust


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We had quite a long drive ahead of us

So I chose a waterfall with a short hike that would be just a short drive off our route home.

Our first stop was meant to be Contentment Falls Spring Cave, which was listed as a 0.7 mile walk to a waterfall with a cool cave. After driving as close as we could to the trailhead we discovered the road to the trailhead was closed to traffic.

So, we re-routed to Toccoa Falls

another nearby falls with a short walk but when we got there we realized it wouldn’t open for another couple of hours. We did get to see the Old Toccoa Falls Power Plant and the falls it used.

We’ve had a great week of exploring new areas

hiking a total of 19.7 miles of new trails with 3385’ of elevation and well over 1,300 stairs. Now it’s time to go home to rest, reorganize and work before we leave again in a few days for our next adventure.

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