Day 33: A Mystery on the Mountain


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We came across Cave Spring, GA, a small town with an eye catching square

We stopped in the welcome center/town museum where we were told about the spring that gives the town its name. A spring flows out of a limestone cave producing 2 million gallons a day of what the locals call “the purest, best-tasting water you’re likely to find anywhere”. We tried it and it did taste very pure. It supplies the town with water and, according to the guy at the museum, people come from miles around to fill jugs and take home this water. Cave is only open to visitors late May-Aug. and then on weekends until Labor Day


We took a short detour to drive through Rome, GA to get a feel of it.

We didn’t learn about the Stranger Things house in Rome until a few days later. We would have visited it had we known in time.

After a long day of driving we made it to Fort Mountain State Park, GA


First stop in the park was the Cool Spring Overlook. This park has huge views and this wasn’t even the best one.

We decided to take the trail (Trail Map – PDF) for the West Overlook, Stone Tower, Stone Wall Loop (1.5 mile loop, 423’ elevation). The West Overlook was very impressive with 270 degree views and much of the north overlook trail continued along the mountain side with beautiful views. The stone tower was closed. The stone wall, which was the impetus for the park’s creation was cool but less impressive than the views. The park was created when a woman donated the 20 acres the stone wall is on to the park and the park was developed around that. There are a number of theories about who built the wall but lack of archaeological evidence has authorities stymied. One thing to note is that the park trail map is not accurate which added an extra twist of fun as we tried to find our way.


difficulty: 5.5

We checked into the Best Western, Dalton, GA


We were very hungry and since we’d never eaten at a Marcos Pizza

(and it was close) we decided to try it. Next to it was The Peach Cobbler Factory. They had us at “cobbler flight”. We tried the peach, strawberry, apple/walnut/raisin and cinnamon peach praline. They were sweet and rich and we ate too much.


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