Day 32: The Highest Point in Alabama


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We took the Talladega Scenic Drive

towards the Cheaha State Park and stopped on the way at the Overlook to eat our breakfast with a view.


We arrived at Cheaha State Park, AL

($5/person) and went into the visitors center to get a map of the park. Mount Cheaha is part of the Talladega Mountain Range, a final southern segment of the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of Appalachian Mountains.

We started our tour of the park by visiting Alabama’s highest point 2407’ and climbing to the top of the Bunker Observation Tower built there by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) 1935.

We took the Bald Rock Boardwalk (0.6 total miles out and back, 42’ elevation) to a rocky overlook. It was beautiful but very cold and windy.

Pulpit Rock Trail (0.6 total miles out and back, 104’ elevation). The start of the trail is steep with uneven footing. It continues on a rocky path to another overlook.

Our final stop in the park was the Rock Garden. The trail starts at a parking lot for some very cute stone cabins right on the bluff with fire pits and a grill. They look like a fantastic place for a special getaway. The trail to the Rock Garden is not as well marked as the rest of the park trails but we found it after a short hike down to another rock out crop surrounded by huge boulders.


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For a change of pace we decided to visit the Anniston Museum of Natural History

($8/person). It took a bit more than an hour to walk around the well put together exhibits. People were setting up craft tables in the lobby outside the museum for a sale.


Back to the hotel for a short rest.

We had to check out the World’s Biggest Office Chair

(GuinnessBook of World Records 1982) was just a few miles away so we had to go see it. It was big enough that we could drive our car under it.


We went for a walk around downtown Oxford, AL

It seems like a nice, historic little downtown with some interesting restaurants and coffee shops. It was pretty with the holiday lights.

For dinner we got takeout from Yume Japanese and Asian Cuisine

It was less than 5 minutes from our hotel, the people serving were super nice and the food was delicious. I’d post a link but I think it’s been hijacked so check it out in person if you’re in the area.


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