Day 30: The Land of Clouds


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Today started out unexpectedly rainy

We spent part of the early morning catching up on work. Feeling restless we headed out to look for Howard’s Waterfall Cave Preserve ($0), about a mile from our hotel. There’s a small parking area beside the road and the cave is right there by it. We scrambled down the rocks to check it out. It goes quite a ways back but the ceiling was dripping with water and low enough that you have to crawl on the flooded ground to get back there. It was fun to see anyways.


We decided to drive to Cloudland Canyon State Park and hopefully see why the park got it’s name

The whole drive in was thick with fog and when we parked and went on the short, wet walk to the 2nd overlook the whole canyon was fogged in. We were glad that we had seen it yesterday in the sun and glad to see it this way today, too.


We came back to the hotel to have lunch, rest and wait out the rain.

One of the best things about this hotel is how close and convenient it is to the park and the town.


The rain stopped so we went back to the park to do the West Rim Loop Trail in the fog

(4.8 miles, 731’ elevation). It was rocky with a lot of roots but a beautiful trail with several overlooks (we couldn’t see anything), a pretty stream crossing, a couple of caves and some very cool big boulders. We only saw one other person out there.


difficulty: 5

For dinner we got tasty takeout from Los 3 Amigos

Chris said his Burritos Especiale was especiale-y good.


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