Day 29: That’s a Lot of Stairs


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First stop – Horse Trough Falls, Chattahoochee National Forest, Ga.

($6/day fee). A 5 mile narrow dirt/gravel rd that runs along the side of a mountain. A little rough but we managed it fine in a Ford Focus. You’ll get some pretty views from the road. Once you park it’s just a flat 0.4 mile walk to a pretty 70’ cascade.


difficulty: 0.5

From there we drove through NE Georgia…

through the tip of Western North Carolina, across the bottom of Tennessee and past the Ocoee Whitewater Center, Cherokee National Forest, TN. where we stopped to stretch our legs. ($3/car). Ocoee River was low enough that we were able to walk along the rocks in the river bed. It was a beautiful place to spend time.


We finally drove back into Georgia, this time in the North West corner

and checked into Days Inn, Trenton, Ga. ($205/2 nights. One of the nicest things about this hotel, and the town around it, is that you are less than 10 minutes from the Park we came here to visit.

After a short rest and a snack we headed over to Cloudland Canyon State Park, Ga

($5/car). I’ve been wanting to come to this park since the first time I saw pictures of it!It was beautiful out, the sun was shining and we got an amazing view of canyon. This place lived up to everything I’d hoped it would. We decided to do the Waterfalls Trail, (2 miles total out and back, 469’ elevation). The trail map says there are 600 steps to the 2nd (Hemlock) Falls. If you keep going a little bit further on the Sitton’s Gulch Trail and cross the bridge and go down the last few steps there’s a 3rd very pretty waterfall with watery cave near by.


difficulty: 8.5

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