Day 24: Well that was unexpected!


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A bright and sunny 29F day to visit Blackwater Falls State Park, Davis, WV

($0). This area had about an inch of snow on the ground ❄️. We knew it might be cold but we never expected snow. So pretty! We went to see the main attraction of the park, the Blackwater Falls Boardwalk. There is a short trail that’s wheelchair accessible to the top lookout and then about 200 stairs down to a viewing platform where you can admire a 57’ waterfall. The name comes from the water that’s tinted by the tannic acid of fallen hemlock and red spruce needles. We also walked the Elakala Falls Trail, a beautiful trail that runs along the canyon rim. The snow made it extra special.


difficulty: 4

We checked in early at Yokum’s Vacationland Motel, Seneca Rocks, WV

($88/night). The motel is above a store with a grill and has a wrap around deck you can hang out on and admire the view from. Just across the road are the Seneca Rocks.


Seneca Rocks State Park, WV

($0). I have been wanting to see Seneca Rocks since I first heard about the Via Ferreta there. Seneca Rocks are a 900’ vertical rock slab that sticks out from the surrounding mountains. We hiked the trail that goes to up to the viewing platform (3 miles total out and back, 700’ elevation). The trail was surprisingly busy considering the effort required to go up, maybe because it is the only trail to the Rocks? I expected the trail to go to a place where you could get a closer view of the Rocks but the viewing platform is actually built on the Rocks for an impressive view of the valley below. They don’t recommend it but you are allowed to climb into them at your own risk. We went a little way up (safely) to sit and enjoy the view out of the wind.


difficulty: 7

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