Day 22: A Legend Awaits


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Our drive took us through Ohiopyle, PA

After a short walk around town to see the general store and some of the other interesting shops we marked it on our map as a place to come back to and spend a few days. It has mountains bike rentals, hiking, a big waterfall and some interesting food spots.

We drove on until we found Laurel Caverns, PA

It was still 34F and drizzly at noon that day. The Caverns are located at the top of Chestnut Ridge and are the largest cave in Pennsylvania. ($15/person for a self guided tour. 2100’ walk, 82’ elevation. They also offer a 4 hour guided tour of a much larger section). A more comfortable 45F in the cave. The Caverns are also a nature preserve and close for bat hibernation season. We did get to see 3 bats sleeping on the walls. It was snowing a little when we came out.


Onwards to Cooper’s Rock State Forest, near Morgantown, WV

.($0) What an incredible place! We went to the main overlook, down to the Underlook Trail (0.2 mile) that goes through impressive rock formations to the spot the park gets its name from – Legend has it that a fugitive hid near what is now the overlook. A cooper by trade, he continued to make and sell barrels from his mountain hideout for years. We went on from there to the Rattlesnake Trail (0.6 mile) which winds along the rocky cliffs (a super fun trail that we had entirely to ourselves). It was cold and windy and sleeting lightly. We continued on to Rock City Trail (0.7 mile) through a mini rock canyon and came back on on side of Eagle Loop Trail (0.25 mile). 100% plan to come back and visit this park again.


difficulty: 6.5

Take out for dinner from China City Restaurant

A great way to end a great day. This restaurant is definitely a local favorite and everyone that came in seemed as nice and friendly as the staff.


Checked into Spring Hill by Marriott, Morgantown, WV


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