Day 19: A Mini Watkins Glen


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A long drive to Montour Falls, NY. We checked into The Falls Motel, ($350/2 nights). This area is expensive right now but I’d still say this place is overpriced. It’s an older motel and they seem to be keeping it as low cost as they can.

To Clute Park, Watkins Glen, NY. A small lake-side park along Lake Seneca, one of the Finger Lakes. We ate a very windy dinner here later.


On to Chewuaga Falls, Watkins Glen, NY. A micro park with a big waterfall about 200’ from the road.


El Rancho Mexican Restaurant, Watkins Glen, NY for takeout


Eagle’s Cliff Falls, Montour Falls, NY. Havana Glen Park ($2/parking). Best stop of the day. A short walk to the falls (0.3 mile out and back, 29’ elevation) to an amazing little box canyon with a waterfall. I think of it as a “mini Watkins Glen”.


difficulty: 3

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