Day 180: A Pumpkin Spice Kind Of Day


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Blue Hole Falls and High Shoals Falls, Hiawassee, GA. (2.6 miles total out and back, 577’ elevation). It’s a pretty rugged mile drive up to the trailhead, starting with a waterfall crossing. The well worn trail takes you to 2 observation decks with pretty falls. The Blue Hole looks like it used to be a swimming hole.


difficulty: 3.5

Trahlyta Lake and Falls Trail, Vogel State Park, Blairsville, GA $5/car (1.7 mile loop, 134’ elevation). This park is surrounded by loud roads, is also under construction and it was mowing day so it was not peaceful at all. Very pretty falls. There is a mini golf to entertain the kids and laundry facilities if you happen to need them.


difficulty: 1

Helton Creek Falls, Blairsville, GA. (0.3 miles total out and back, 29’ elevation). 2 miles down a dirt road to a short walk down to the falls. Pretty and popular.


difficulty: 1

Upper and Lower DeSoto Falls, Cleveland, GA. (2 miles, 160’ elevation). Some traffic noise, but some parts of the trail were peaceful. Not much water flowing, these 2 might be more impressive after a good rain.


difficulty: 1

Wendy’s for Pumpkin Spice Frosties. Gotta try them once, right? Very pumpkin-y.


Days Inn by Wyndam, Dahlonega,

Price: GA $106/night


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