Day 18: Best Foods of Connecticut


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Lunch with an Aunt and Uncle

I’m going to focus on the dessert because it was amazing – homemade apple crumble and 3 kinds of ice cream (black raspberry, pumpkin spice and chocolate) from Rich Farm. It may have been the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had. Apparently you can see the cows they source the milk from grazing in the field behind the store. They gave us a parting gift of half a peck of Macoun apples, Connecticut’s favorite apple.

Southford Falls State Park, CT

A short but much needed walk after such a great lunch. A beautiful pond and waterfall are right by the parking lot with a trail leading away across a covered bridge and into the woods along the river. Very pretty, especially with the amazing fall colors.


difficulty: 2

Dinner with the family

A raccoon was sitting by their door when got there, like the door opened, we said hello and I looked down and a raccoon was just sitting there at the door like he’d been waiting for us, too. Apparently he likes to sit quietly on front porch with Chris’s mom. We ordered in from their favorite pizza place; Anna’s Prospect Apizza (Connecticut style pizza) – 2 kinds of Pizza and an order of Pizza Fritte/fried dough with marinara dipping sauce and powdered sugar to dust on (my favorite).

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