Day 179: Scrambling Up Big Rock


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Big Rock Trail, Pickens, SC (2.2 miles total out and back, 695’ elevation). GPS takes you to a private road, just keep going and you’ll find parking in the right. This area is popular for climbers and bouldering and I can see why. The trail is obviously steep. I think you do need to be confident in your footing and there are a couple of easy rock scrambles. The views are actually better on the way up than at the summit. Take a picture of the map on the way in, there aren’t many trail markers until you’re near the top and then they don’t match the map’s colors. No worries though, it’s pretty easy to find your way. Very cool trail, persimmons, muscadine grapes and enormous acorns all the way up.


difficulty: 5

Twin Falls, Sunset, SC. An easy walk takes you along a pretty stream and up to 2 tall waterfalls. Lots of deadfall. Crowded.


difficulty: 0.5

Long Shoals Roadside Park/Recreation Area , Pickens, SC. A beautiful spot on the river, spoiled by trash and intoxicated people cleaning the beer cans out of their car and leaving them in a ziplock bag in the parking lot. Drive sober, drive safe, leave no trace.


Sky Valley Overlook, Sky Valley, GA for picnic dinner with a view. No doubt a great spot for a sunset.


Mountain Inn, Dillard, GA. Older, could definitely use new towels, but it has all the amenities you need.

Price: $80/night


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