Day 175: Land Of Many Stairs


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The first time we came to visit New York State, about a year ago, we came to experience the famous Watkins Glen. We never realized how many other impressive Glens and Gorges there are here, with waterfalls cascading all along them. You could spend days here visiting them all. Ithaca, NY and the surrounding area have more than 150 waterfalls — carved out by glaciers that formed gorges millions of years ago — within 10 miles

Cascadilla Gorge Trail, Ithaca, NY. Right in Ithaca city, the 1/3-mile Cascadilla Gorge Trail ascends 400’ past six waterfalls and a variety of plants suited to gorge conditions. Cascadilla Gorge is part of 3,600 acres of protected natural areas on Cornell’s campus and throughout Tompkins County managed by Cornell Botanic Gardens.


difficulty: 2

Gorge Trail to Rim Trail, Buttermilk Falls State Park, Ithaca, NY $9/car. (1.6 mile loop, 465’ elevation). It’s all up, mainly all stairs, with multiple lovely waterfalls and then all down with no stairs and no views on the Rim Trail back.


difficulty: 3

High Rock Trail, World’s End State Park, Forksville, PA. (1.3 mile loop, 377’ elevation). Up and across the mountain, steep and rocky in places. There’s a good view near the top of the valley below and a pretty river to cross. It was very peaceful and quiet when we went. There are some other trails we hope to do here next time.


difficulty: 3

Best Western Danville Inn, Danville, PA

Price: $93/night


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