Day 173: We Found Spectacular Waterfalls


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Shelving Rock Falls, Fort Ann, NY (0.8 out and back). A pleasant walk with a stream and wetlands on one side and a rocky forest on the other to an impressive waterfall. The trees here are amazing. Next time we’re planning to do the summit trail.


difficulty: 1

Auger Falls, Wells, NY. (1 mile total out and back, 157’ elevation). A very peaceful walk along the river through beautiful woods and past the rapids we made it to a roaring waterfall with a rainbow at the bottom and a spectacular gorge. The trees smell like Christmas.


difficulty: 2

After a very long drive we finally made it to our home for the night. Tonight we’re staying in a house in Cortland, It’s in a cute neighborhood with kids learning to ride bikes outside, a small, green backyard with flowers, 3 beds, 2 bath, full kitchen, Netflix and a living room. There’s even an office area if you need one and fast internet.

Price: NY. $246/2 nights.

If you’re interested in staying at a house but not incurring the ridiculous cleaning fees of AirBnB check out the homes they have listed on


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