Day 171: An Awesome Start In Vermont


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Bemis Brook to Arethusa Falls to Frankenstein Cliff Trail, Crawford Notch State Park, Hart’s Location, NH. Bemis takes you past Fawn Pool, Coliseum Falls and Bemis Falls. Arethusa Falls drop 200’ straight down the cliff wall.

We decided to take the Cliff Trail back. There’s a saying that 1 mile in The Whites (the White Mountains) is like 2 everywhere else and they are not wrong. There are no switchbacks. The footing varied between roots, rocks and tiny loose pebbles on sketchy descents. We did get a beautiful foggy view from the top of the cliff and got to walk through a small burned area just before heading back down. Just as we reached the bottom of the most challenging section the heavens opened up. We sprinted back to the car.


difficulty: 6.5

We stopped just up the road to see Silver Cascade, Hart’s Location, NH


A long drive took us into Vermont for the very first time. It’s incredible here. Lovely green mountains, wildflowers and tiny, quaint little towns. Everything looks like it’s set in the countryside, even the town and touristy areas have a country-like feeling.

Red Barn Ice Cream Shop for Maple Creamies, maple flavored soft serve ice cream. The ice cream was good but girl serving was stand-offish and actually made a big show of being nicer to another customer. We’ll try somewhere else next time.


Northern Lights Lodge, Stowe, VT. This place is amazing! It’s styled after a Swiss ski lodge with lovely gardens with spaces to relax outside, an outdoor pool, game room, sauna, laundry facilities, an indoor pool and a hot tub. We swam in the indoor and soaked in the hot tub. What an incredible way to end a day.

Price: $152/night.


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