Day 169: Making Friends At Beehive Summit


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Bee Hive Trail, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME. (1.5 mile loop, 508’ elevation). This trail has iron rungs, cliff edges and steep drop offs but it was significantly easier and shorter than the Precipice Trail we did yesterday. You can see the mountain Precipice Trail is on from the summit of Beehive Trail. We met several new friends at the summit which made the experience extra special. The down trail was an easy walk.


difficulty: 4.5

Jordan Pond House. We tried to find parking so that we could see the famous pond and try the famous popovers but there wasn’t an open spot anywhere.

Paul Bunyan Statue. Bangor, ME. Bangor claims to be both the birthplace of the lumber industry and of Paul Bunyan. The fiberglass-over-metal frame is hurricane-proofed to withstand 110 mph winds, is 31’ high and weighs 3,700 pounds, not including its double-sided ax and lumberjack’s peavey.


Stephen King’s House, Bangor, ME.


Orono Bog Boardwalk, Bangor, ME (1 mile loop). Designated a National Natural Landmark for being an outstanding example of a northern peat bog. 616 acre Orono Bog is a special kind of wetland called a peatland because of its deep layer of peat (up to 25’ deep in some places). A bog is a peatland with acidic and infertile soil, and with abundant peat moss and other acid tolerant plants. The great thickness of the peat and the remoteness of the central area from the mineral soil of the upland, results in extreme intertility and dwarfed plant growth.

The boardwalk takes you through a northern forest that smells like Christmas trees and into another world. We were captivated by the cotton grass tufts that seemed to float above the red and green bog, bobbing gently in the breeze.


difficulty: 1

The Bankery & Skowhegan Fleuriste, Skowhegan, ME. Baked goods made from scratch using the freshest of ingredients. The bakery and another sister shop are inside an old bank. They use one of the vaults as a freezer. You can see the door to the other vault behind the kitchen table. The staff was super nice and welcoming. We got a French puff pastry with light cream, chocolate and caramel sauce over almond brittle like cookie, a grape filled brioche and a chocolate espresso scone. Is your mouth watering yet?


Belmont Motel, Skowheghan, ME

Price: $151/night.


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