Day 161: Catching Up With Family


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Hop Brook Lake, Middlebury, CT. Chris grew up picnicking with his family and swimming in the lake. We walked around the lake and enjoyed the cool breezes.


Anna’s Prospect Apizza, Prospect, CT for lunch with the family. This place has 2 tiny tables and a pick-up counter with pizza slices and it smells (and tastes) divine.


Quassy Amusement & Waterpark, Middlebury, CT. Quassy, named for the Lake Quassapaug it sits on the banks of, has been entertaining Connecticut for 110 years. This was the first time Chris has been back to see it in over 30 years and it was fun to share his memories. It has about 20 rides, lots of them for kids, a smallish, but fun looking water park, paddle boats and a beach on the lake.


Dinner with family, made from garden fresh home grown vegetables. I (Vanessa) got to try a Carvel Ice Cream cake which I’m told is a big thing in Connecticut. I like the crunchy bits in the bottom.


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