Day 159: We Found Lindt Heaven


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Woodstock Tower, Woodstock, VA Elevation 2000’. A bit of a rough drive up to a short, pretty walk gets you to the tower. Fantastic views both sides.


Lindt Chocolate Shop, Carlisle, PA. Lindt is one of my favorite brands of chocolate so we had to stop at their outlet, right? I got one of almost every little flavor (20+-) they offer and I don’t regret it at all.


We drove by Three Mile Island, Londonderry Township, PA. It’s a weird thing to drive by somewhere with so much notoriety.

Northwest Lancaster County River Trail to White Cliffs of Conoy, Marietta., PA. This spot is listed as a “Natural Wonder” of Pennsylvania on several websites (which is how we found it) but it actually appears to be debris dumped there by the 100+ year old Limestone quarry just across the railroad tracks. It’s pretty interesting looking and worth the 2.7 mile total out and back paved walk.


difficulty: 1

Baymont by Windham, Harrisburg, PA

Price: $87/night


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