Day 153: An Unexpected Treat


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Hebron Falls via Boone Fork Trail, Julien Price Picnic Area, Blowing Rock, NC (3.1 miles total out and back, 216’ elevation). There’s a loop or you can just go out and back and since we need an easy day after so much elevation yesterday, we’re doing the out and back. This trail starts at the Julien Price Picnic Area, passes through a flowering meadow, enters the woods to follows a stream and comes out on a surprising collection of huge boulders flowing down the stream bed creating a series of waterfalls along the way. Naturally we had to climb up to see them all. This trail can get pretty popular, with people finding their own little spot all along the river, so come early if you want some peace and quiet. The picnic area is also packed with people filling every nook and cranny.


difficulty: 2

Stack Rock Trail (0.4 miles total out and back) start in the Stack Rock Parking Area and take the short trail in to the rocks and stairs. There’s also an overlook on the parkway. Not especially worth it but if you’re looking for a short walk to a rock give it a try. My favorite part of this walk was seeing the woods around and other trails through it.


difficulty: 2

Taco Billy’s, Black Mountain, NC. This place has become our go to stop for food in Black Mountain. Fresh, healthy, tasty.


Quality Inn, Black Rock, NC. This hotel has a safe in the room with an “optional” safe charge. That’s in quotes because you have to request the charge be removed from your bill and the guy working the desk couldn’t even figure out how to remove it, which tells you how often people notice the sign on the safe. This is actually standard practice for many hotels, so if you see a safe in your room, check the fine print.

Price: $130/night


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