Day 149: Adventure In Devil’s Marbleyard


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Devils Marbleyard via Belfast Trail, James River Face Wilderness, Jefferson National Forest, VA. (3.3 total miles out and back, 1381’ elevation). There are only 6 sports to park. This rocky trail takes you up to a boulder field near the top of the mountain. We scrambled about halfway up and sat there, taking in the views of the valley below and surrounding mountains. You could easily spend your whole day here which is what we plan to do next time we come.


difficulty: 7

Carter Falls Trail Head, Elkin, NC. Pretty falls but it seems to be a local party with your littles hang-out and there’s so much trash it just makes me sad to be there. Leave no trace please.


difficulty: 2

Quality Inn, Jonesville NC Not fancy but it’ll do fine.

Price: $124


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