Day 145: Blueberry Bog


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Panther Rocks, Pine Township, PA. A small clump of Interesting rock features just off the road. Good stop you’re already in the neighborhood.


Bison in a field on the side of the road. We were close enough to hear them wuffling to each other and their babies.

Black Moshannon State Park, Philipsburg, PA. We made a loop out of the Bog Trail to the Indian Trail to the Hay Road Trail (1.3 mile). The bog was beautiful and so peaceful. Water lilies bloomed pink and white, wild blueberries lined the boardwalk, and we found blooming pitcher plants with bright red veins. The bog was the highlight of our visit to the park.

Blueberry Trail. This trail starts at the Mid-State Airport. (1 mile loop). More of a U than a loop, it dumps you out onto a 0.3 mile road walk up the Airport driveway. Some pretty wildflowers at the beginning, the rest is very closed in by foliage with one small pond early on.


difficulty: 1

We passed an Amish farm harvesting a grain crop. Talk about a work ethic!

Tytoona Cave Nature Preserve Area, Tyrone, PA. No charge but you do need permit to access the property.

Tytoona has been noted as one of the most significant caves in the state. Rich with history, printed accounts of the cave date back to 1788. Two attempts in the past (1947 and 1972) to commercialize Tytoona into a show-cave were short-lived and today little or no trace can be found of those early business ventures.

Although the cave system contains about one mile of trunk passage, water sumps (sections completely underwater) divide most of it. In one of the sump-protected rooms are very significant and delicate formations. Mother Nature has done a good job protecting this area since few are qualified enough to enter.


Best Western, Milroy, PA.

Price: $102/night


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