Day 14: Dolphins & Ponies Oh My!


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Woke up to get the day started and saw dolphins

We woke up, looked out the window and a group of about 20 dolphins were swimming by just off the beach across from us. They dipped down and came up just a few feet farther on, sort of like they were taking a morning stroll along the beach. An incredible sight.

Drove the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel

$14 for a car to go through. Very cool to see the giant cargo ships traveling along their shipping route.

A Quick Stop in Cape Charles, VA

We wanted to check out the town and walk on the pier where we saw dolphins, pelicans, a heron and seagulls. Great stop.

Visited Chincoteague Island and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

We went there to see the famous wild ponies ($10 fee). The book Misty of Chincoteague was one of my childhood favorites and I’ve wanted to see the wild ponies and their home ever since I first read it. We found them about 2 miles into the park in the 500 acre marshy area they live in now. They were just as cute as I’d imagined them to be. Then we went down to Assateague beach to watch the waves and saw a fisherman catch and release a small shark. After that we went for a walk on Woodland Trail and then over to Chincoteague Island’s downtown, a small but cute coastal town for a snack and a walk around.

We spent the night at Comfort Inn Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD

$82/night which has 8.2* rating on It was really nice with a king bed, sitting area and a full kitchenette with dishes. I could definitely see spending several days there to enjoy the beach.

We went all in on the Maryland food theme

Takeout from Crab Alley for dinner – crab cakes to split (very expensive at $20/5oz cake), house salads and Smith Island cake, the official Maryland State Cake (a 9 layer yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing).


We watched the sun set and went for a walk along the Ocean City Boardwalk

Just as we were leaving to go back to the hotel we came across a flock of seagulls, aglow in the city lights, feeding as the tide changed. It was magical. They almost looked like snowflakes swirling. Watch them here and We’ll also have some clips of them in the full video of this trip when it comes out.

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