Day 132: Finding Spectacular Arches


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York State Historic Park, Pall Mall, TN. Nice little park, good place for a picnic. They let you go into the gristmill and see the old equipment which, unfortunately, some people are ruining with graffiti.


Twin Arches, Pickett State Park, Oneida, TN (1.4 mile loop) Just wow! Huge, spectacular arches on a beautiful trail. Light rain meant we got to appreciate them all on our own. North Arch spans 93 feet and has a height of 62 feet with a 51 foot clearance. South Arch, the larger of the two, has a height of 103 feet with a 70 foot clearance and spans 135 feet. Few natural bridges in the world equal Twin Arckes in size.


difficulty: 2

Slave Falls (2.2 total out and back) and Needle Arch (0.6 total out and back. Legend persists that these overhang shelters, sometimes referred to as “rock houses”, were used by runaway slaves who avoided recapture by hiding in this remote and inaccessible area; the name Slave Falls has been used ever since. Great cliff walls, tall waterfall. The arch was dainty. Good trail minus the excessive biting deer flies.


difficulty: 2

Natural Bridge, Pickett State Park, Oneida, TN. This bridge is right off the road. Pale pink rhododendron are blooming all through the valley. We’ve visited this State Park before (not this feature, other trails) and it’s one of my all time favorites. There are beautiful trails with interesting, unique and beautiful features and the park itself has a serene feel.


Big South Fork Lodge, Jamestown , TN $143/night. Spacious room with all the amenities and a nice host. I can see why it has a 10 rating. I’m going to take a point off though because it could really use a curtain to cover the windows and keep the daylight out.

Price: $143/night


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