Day 131: Natural Wonders


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Hemlock Cliffs, English, IN (1 mile, 147’ elevation). An incredibly beautiful box canyon surrounded by captivating cliffs, lush flora and a seasonal waterfall.


difficulty: 2

We stopped to help a snapping turtle across the road, shuffleboard style.

It’s going to rain for the next few hours so we’re going to drive a little further and get some extra miles in.

Sleep Inn, Columbia, KY. Time for a short nap to recharge.

Price: $112/night

Happy Cow Cafe for breakfast sandwiches for dinner. Excellent quality, homemade food, very well priced.


Rock House Natural Bridge, Jamestown, KY. Also known as the Creelsboro Natural Bridge, a 300 million-year-old natural limestone arch over 60 feet high, over 120 feet wide, and claims to be the largest natural bridge east of the Rockies. I couldn’t find a stat for the depth but the “tunnel” part of the arch is the longest I’ve ever seen, if I had to guess maybe about 60’? This natural wonder provided shelter for Native Americans and early settlers against the elements, and a Native American burial ground lies on top.

A lovely drive through verdant rural Kentucky brings you to this massive arch by a wide, flowing river. There’s a trail to the top of the arch, although we opted not to use it. Underneath you can find fossils embedded in the rocks. Swallows have built nests on the stone wall above the arch. This historic arch is technically on private property, but people are allowed to visit at no charge via a short, rugged trail.


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