Day 129: Mossy Cliffs In An Abandoned Quarry


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We stopped at a big Great Dane statue to get a picture.

Fern Cliff Nature Preserve, Greencastle, IN. (1.2 mile total out and back,152’ elevation). A National Natural Landmark with a profusion of ferns and bryophytes, steep forested, sandstone cliffs, lush wooded ravines, and unique vegetation. Sphagnum moss is slowly filling an abandoned sandstone quarry in the northern part of the preserve, while other species of mosses and liverworts can be found on the cliff walls. Mayapples, Jack-in-the-pulpit, blue phlox and yellow celandine poppy can be found in the woodland understory. Very peaceful and much more our speed than yesterday with just the 2 of us here.


difficulty: 2

Upper Cataract Falls, Jennings Township, IN. $9/car/non-residents. Indiana’s largest waterfall by volume. Upper and Lower Falls (1.5 mile total out and back, approx. 25’ elevation). Nice place for a picnic and a wander.


difficulty: 1.5

McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, IN. We were able to use the pass from the last park to get in. A limestone canyon, flowing creek, and scenic waterfalls that highlight Indiana’s first state park. Unfortunately a massive tornado came through this park a few months ago and took out a large portion of the park. We were able to walk to the Canyon Falls, which was pretty but overrun with screeching children.


difficulty: 2

We stopped at Panera to get dinner and brought it to Lower Cascades Park for a picnic and a walk to see the trickling waterfall. And, of course, we had to go down the big slides in the playground.


LaQuinta Inn and Suites, Bloomington, IN

Price: $111/night

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