Day 128: Stepping Into Another World


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Williamsport Falls, Williamsport, IN. Indiana’s highest waterfall at 90’. At least when it’s flowing, which it wasn’t when we went. Very welcoming town with clean facilities.


Portland Arch Nature Preserve, Covington, IN. (0.8 mile loop, 91’ elevation). True beauty. A lovely walk through the arch and along a lush gorge along a delicate stream.


difficulty: 2

Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve, Turkey Run State Park, Bloomingdale, IN. $9/car/non-resident. Wow, what a difference from the first place we visited. This park is hopping. Lots of people swimming and picnicking. Even the trails are packed with people. We came here because we read a review describing it as “stepping into another world” and I do think they’re right, especially if you consider we’re in the middle of the corn fields flats Indiana. This 1,609-acre park was designated a national landmark in 1974. The region is best known for its deep, moss-covered Mansfield sandstone gorges. Most popular and perhaps most interesting is trail #3 that takes you through deep narrow gorges, sturdy wooden ladders, and continuous streams along and on the trail. These trails will be muddy, slippery, and possibly impassible during and just after rainfall. We mage a loop out of trails #3-5-9-5-10 for about (5.5 miles, 761’ elevation). Definitely come visit, it’s beautiful and unique and you’re encouraged to walk in places most places don’t allow. Be prepared for a lot of stairs and maybe try to come on a quiet weekday morning if you can, when it’s quieter.


difficulty: 7.8

Ritter’s Frozen Custard, Terre Haute, IN. One nice thing about being a mature adult is that you can get yourself over the top custard sundaes and call it dinner.


Pear Tree Inn, Terra Haute, IN. This hotel describes itself as “No frills” but I don’t see it. It’s not the highest end hotel but if I had to guess I’d say that the people that run this place actually stay here sometimes and want it to be comfortable and pleasant for their guests.

Price: $92/night


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