Day 125: We Took Part In A World Record


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Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, IN. $9/car non-residents. We walked to the Observation Tower to get a view of the river valley and the power plant. The other sides were so grown over that all you could see were tree tops. We stopped to help a turtle cross the road. Big and Little Clifty Falls in the Preserve Area. Pretty area, expect to see all the falls in this park from a distance or at a weird angle. The Tunnel is quite cool so bring a strong flashlight if you’re visiting between May 1 and October 31.


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Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream, Fishers, IN. This is destination ice cream. We got the 4 flavor flight for $5.95 each. I got banana cream pie, blueberry cobbler, chocolate malt with caramel and the peanut butter parfait. Chris got the buckeye (if you only get 1 flavor, get this one), black cherry, blueberry cobbler and banana cream pie. Super creamy and smooth, extra delicious because you get to switch between the flavors. Best ice cream I’ve ever had.


Worlds Largest Ball of Paint, Alexandria, IN. We decided to visit this roadside attraction, thinking that we’d say wow, click a few pictures and carry on but it turned out to be so much more. Mike Carmichael came out to meet us when we pulled into the driveway and brought us into the structure he’d built to house, and support, this massive ball of paint. He proceeded to show us around the room and invited us to add another layer of paint to the giant ball (our layer is #28466). While we painted he told us the story behind the giant paintball.

When Mike was in high school, he played baseball and worked in a local paint store. One day he and a friend were throwing a baseball in the paint shop and one of them missed the ball, knocked over a gallon of paint into which the ball fell. It was covered. They cleaned up the paint up from the floor but left the ball as it was, with paint on it set it on top of an old table and the next day when he went to get it he was sparked with the idea… Mike continued to paint that ball everyday while working at the paint store, stopping after a 1000 layers.

Years later he decided to start over on a new ball. After a while they began to view it as an art piece and enjoyed showing it off. After 46 years of adding 1 layer of paint a day it’s become a thing of legend. It’s been verified 2x as the biggest paintball in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, Tom Green has painted it, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not tried to buy it (he turned them down) and he has visitors daily, not just from around the USA but also and from around the world, who come to see the great ball and, if they’re lucky, paint on that day’s layer of paint. Mike keeps records of every layer and color added, keeps it on a scale to track the weight, has a guest book for visitors to sign and gives a certificate to visitors who get to paint it and you get to sign his wall. If you go bring a small donation to help him keep this epic adventure going.


7 Pillars Nature Preserve, ACRES Land Trust, Peru, IN. This is said to be one of Indiana’s natural wonders. Interesting geological features on a very pretty river.


Home2 Suites, Logansport, IN.

Price: We used 45,000 points to stay for free tonight. [How to Save Money on Hotels with a Hotel Credit Card]

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