Day 117: Fen-Tastic


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Temple of Tolerance, Wapakoneta, OH. This roadside attraction is in the backyard of the creators house. There is a gate in the front by the sidewalk or you can go up his driveway. There’s a bit of a maze to the temple in the back. I’m astonished by the sheer number of heavy rocks that he’s managed to pile up in close quarters. Thank you to the owner for sharing.

Highest Point in Ohio, Bellefontaine, OH. Elevation 1549’. This one is tucked behind a school next to some sort of NORAD equipment.

Oldest concrete street in the US, built in 1891 around the Courthouse of downtown Bellefontaine, OH.

Cedar Bog Nature Preserve, Urbana, OH. $5/adult. Over the last two centuries more than 90% of Ohio’s wetlands have disappeared. The remaining 450-acre Cedar Bog has stayed virtually unchanged for the last 14,000 years. When the glaciers retreated, they left behind Cedar Bog’s rare diversity of life, many of which have been classified as “Ice Age Relics”.

Cedar Bog Nature Preserve, actually a fen, and not a bog, is a National Natural Landmark, and is ranked highest on the Ohio Floristic Diversity Index for its great diversity of plants with more 40 rare and endangered plant and animal species.

The 1 mile boardwalk loop takes you through different biomes, from woodland to wetlands-including one of the last remaining sedge meadow wetlands in the state.


Comfort Suites, Columbus, OH

Price: $119/night

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