Day 116: DaVinci’s 24’ Horse


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Cooley Bridge, Wellston, MI. There’s a walkway under the bridge where you’ll find a lovely river with a spring and an oxbow pond. The fish were big and active and the birdsong beautiful.

Little Mac Replica Bridge, Reed City, MI. This bridge was designed to bring the Mackinac to mind. It’s very bouncy. The boardwalk takes you through a marshy area with cattails, marsh marigolds and red wing blackbirds.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI. ($20/person). This place is above and beyond. Frederik Meijer was an American billionaire businessman who was the chairman of the Meijer hypermarket chain, headquartered near his former hometown in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The sculpture gardens are part of his later life’s philanthropy. Meijer was key to Leonardo DaVinci’s vision of a 24’ horse finally becoming realized, 500 years after he dreamed of it. It’s absolutely stunningly beautiful in person. I can’t say enough about how beautiful the grounds are and how much thought has gone into every aspect of each the gardens and sculpture. Each sculpture has been placed in its own special environment, each plant and tree carefully chosen. Take the day and enjoy every foot of this special place.


Holiday Inn Express, Howell, MI

Price: $116/night

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